Media Productions

Nissan/Champions League

A Nissan-GTR on the center of the pitch filled with thousands of mini official Champions League match draw balls.
Thats how the shooting day started for Rowdy, or actually night.
Because the stadium lighting was needed for an extra cool effect in the video.
Due to unforseen circumstances the shoot needed to be replaced from a location in spain to the FC Twente stadium in Holland.
Midfielder at FC Barcelona, Andrés Iniesta was not able to act a roll in this shoot anymore so Rowdy went as a stand-in.

Philips/ Abb/ Draka

On a slightly cloudy Tuesday morning, Rowdy walks into a shed in Eindhoven and he took a seat in the make-up chair.
The director talks him through the storyboard and shows him the final idea for the video.
The message for the video "change on time and win the game" which refers to field football.
Philips, ABB and Draka want to draw attention to the idea of replacing products on time which will result in less problems for their clients in the future.


After a 2-hour drive, Rowdy arrives at the building where he made the appointment to meet up with the filmcrew.
They chat up this morning enjoying a small breakfast were after they take the elevator to the roof of the building.
The first shots are getting made on the edge of the building.
"Survive the city" will be the name of the video!
And thats what Rowdy radiates.
An urban vibe is needed for the video.
So a full day of shooting in the streets and alleys of Rotterdam will make the end production.


The newly realised campus of the KNVB (Dutch football federation) in Zeist needs a tour.
What better option than Rowdy showing you around the campus with his tricks!
All locations that the campus has to offer are passed by.
The centre of the training field, the football medical centre, the team hotel and the training centre.
Rowdy is opening his backpack of tricks once again when the the football players of the national team are enjoying their lunch.
They watch and laugh while Rowdy is doing his thing!


Antwerp central station, Rowdy got picked-up by the filmcrew for this shoot for sportsbrand called Kipsta.
After a little chat to get to know eachother they go ahead and follow their path towards Bordeaux.
"Play Everywhere" is the slogan for this video, and that's exactly what happens!
On the fifth floor of an empty derelict building, a graffiti sprayed skate park, in the centre of the city and even on the beach are getting shots made!
Rowdy works out his ideas together with the freerunner and freestyle basketball player to find new ways to express each discipline in a cool way in the final production!