Football Workshop

Promo video

Workshop on event

Rowdy can teach his tricks in a way that is instructive but also entertaining.
Enthusiasm, humour and his encouraging tone creates a proactive workshop environment that will fit perfectly at any event!

Private training

Rowdy is an established name and a pioneer in the contemporary football freestyle scene.
The knowledge he has gained over the years, through countless hours of practice, he will now explain during private sessions.
He will teach you the basic principles, tell his vision and will help you think further than just juggling a football.
He will show you how beautiful the endless world of football freestyle is!

Birthday party

Rowdy's antics are not just fun to watch, he is also keen for you to be a part of the fun!
The birthday boy and invitees will be introduced to Rowdy and his art.
From there they can start to get the work in themselves!
Step by step they will walk through the basics of Rowdy's artform.
There is a little game that will be played in between.
And at the end of the session a group picture will be made as a memory.