Football show

Corporate Event

Do you have an event coming up as like a presentation, client meeting or a staff gathering?
Stand out with Rowdy as a breath of fresh air performing his techniques during intervals!


Whatever the event, Rowdy draws attention!
Creating an energetic and family friendly atmosphere that will bring a crowd together and provide more footfall in your store.
Or at a convention he draws more eyes to your stand.

Birthday party

In any case Rowdy wants to bring a high-level performance!
So of course he is ready to rock at your birthday party!
His tricks combined with his enthusiasm makes his show a great addition to your birthday party (and many times a surprise act as well)!

Sports event

Freestyle football is the perfect piece of entertainment for a sports event!
As an opener or to wrap up an event which could be a funday, sports tournament or a camp.
A pre-match or half-time show is also a great way to use Rowdy's ability to provide that x factor to your event!