About me

Is the ball stuck to Rowdy or is it the other way around?
The love for the ball always played a part in Rowdy’s life.
The sentence “I learned everything in life with a ball on my feet” certainly applies to Rowdy.

How it all started:
Rowdy starts playing football on the pitch.
But what actually draws his attention were the technical highlights of the game.
At home? He was practising hours and hours of improving his sham movements and endless tries on breaking his juggling record.
But on the pitch? Coaches were angry as were his fellow team mates.
It’s Rowdy’s nature to play with the ball, so when he received the ball, he didnt want to pass it anymore.
He fell in love with the unlimited techniques that are possible with the ball, and he still is!

Rowdy was already honing his craft before he knew it was actually a sport/artform.
Over the years he realised its called freestyle football and it is evolving year by year and Rowdy grows along with it.
Rowdy has been in this game for a long time!
His knowledge and trickery is extentive!
The experience he made over the years is impressive:
+10 years working as an professional performing artist, 2x national champion, a multiple number of TV Appearances,
with as highlight a tv program called “The Freestyle Games”, were they search for the best urban athlete!

During this TV program the judges had only been praising Rowdy for his hard work and talent!
He reached the Semi-Finals!
Rowdy also has an impressive series of big clients for video shoots on his name.
With the biggest highlight being the stand-in for FC Barcelona midfielder Andrés Iniesta!
Nowadays Rowdy is still very active with the thing he loves doing the most!
His goal is to inspire and motivate as many people as possible!
He works doing Freestyle Football shows and workshops and putting his tricks in the picture working as an actor for media productions.
On his social media channels you can follow him on a daily basis!

2007, Rowdy is 14 years young. He takes part in a juggling contest.
The national championship of juggling the ball were he end up in the second place.
But from this moment he realised that he has a special gift.
In these early years, Rowdy laid the foundation for his style of creating the tricks.
Rowdy is developing quickly. His tricks evolve and so does the style of his performance.
Working on making his tricks more creative and difficult he gives a new meaning to “smooth and stylish”
Years of dedication, perseverance, creative and original tricks ensure that he was crowned the national champion in 2013 and 2016!
At the end of 2019, Rowdy takes part in the Okinawa Open Freestyle Football Championship (international tournament where the best freestyle football artists participate and are judged on entertainment value and technical qualities).
Rowdy proves ones again that he is one of the greatest on this earth after finishing in second place after an exciting final!

Want to see more of Rowdy? Follow him on these social media channels, on a regular basis he will put posts out. (Instagram: @rowdyheinenfreestyle or Facebook: Rowdy Heinen Freestyle).

Book Rowdy via the contact form or via the following phone number: (+31)6-38290660